v7.4.4 - 07/01/2024

Added Ability to export selected links

Added Ability to view recent activity and filter them

Added Ability to disabled Bio Page widgets from admin panel

Improved Facebook auth as it now uses a custom library

Improved Domain blacklisting

Improved Various UI

Improved Plugin marketplace

Improved Various elements

Fixed An issue with duplicated Bio Pages

Fixed Various minor issues

Version 7.4.3

July 1, 2024

Added Custom notifications with the ability to target users or plans

Added Ability to log important events, such as password change or failed 2FA

Added Ability to receive an email with a login is detected from a new IP

Added Ability to logout out of all devices

Added Ability to export selected links

Improved Facebook auth as it now uses a custom library

Improved Domain blacklisting

Improved Various UI

Improved Plugin marketplace

Improved Various elements


 An issue with duplicated Bio Pages


 Various minor issues

Version 7.4.2

May 13, 2024

Added Ability to upload images for Bio Page links or use Emojis

Added QR Code readability warning when logo is too large


 An issue where only starred channels were shown


 An issue where deleting users + data caused an error 500


 An issue where Facebook login did not work on PHP 8.2+

Version 7.4.1

May 3, 2024


 An issue with the sidebar not being sticky anymore


 An issue where the team selector was hidden under other blocks.

Version 7.4

May 1, 2024

Added Keyboard shortcut to shorten links from any dashboard pages (CTRL+K)

Added Automatic deep links when a link from supported provider is shortened

Added Embedded QR code logos

Added Bulk QR code generator

Added Ability to download QR codes in bulk

Added Ability to enable language selector in the top menu

Added Ability to reassign QR codes and Bio Pages from admin

Added Ability to toggle the verified badge per Bio Page

Added Ability to view and filter activity for individual links in stats page

Improved Bio Pages and made the saving process easier

Improved Downgrade system

Improved Dashboard UI along with various new elements like search

Improved Affiliate system

Improved Admin various admin dashboard elements


 A bug with the affiliate system where under some conditions, it would not apply payment when approving the request


 Various minor bugs

Version 7.3.4

February 9, 2024


 An issue where the device was not being detected properly

Version 7.3.3

February 5, 2024

Added Premium alias TXT file

Improved Admin Panel

Improved Core

Improved User affiliate page

Improved Wasabi CDN

Improved Bio Page as domain root button click issue

Improved Various UI elements


 Sensitive message not showing on bio pages by default


 Transparent QR background when using frames


 Minor issues

Version 7.3.2

January 12, 2024

Added Bio Page as branded domain root

Added Ability to edit ownership of short links via the admin panel

Added Ability to create a child theme for other themes than the default

Improved Core

Improved PayPal API

Improved RTL

Improved Various UI elements


 An issue with coupon overlay color


 An issue with FAQs Bio Page widget


 Minor issues

 Version 7.3.1

December 20, 2023


 An issue where the splash matrix in qr code was causing an error

Version 7.3 - (19/12/2023)

+ Added Ability to set a default logo for QR codes

+ Added Ability to use username as affiliate tag or user id

+ Added Ability to remove social networks and sort them in Bio Pages

+ Added Whatsapp, Viber and Spotify in Bio Pages Social Networks

+ Added Support for Spotify Albums

+ Added Ability to request a 2FA Reset

+ Added Ability to search for a short url via API

+ Added Ability to set Deep Link, Channel, Pixels via Link API

+ Added Ability to reset system cache in admin > tools

+ Improved System core

+ Improved Various UI elements

+ Fixed An issue with the blog menu when there are too many categories

+ Fixed An issue with the email type for QR codes

+ Fixed Various small issues

Version 6.9 (19/03/2023)

+ Added Bio Page auto-save

+ Added Bio Page layouts

+ Added Bio Page phone

+ Added Bio Page Whatsapp message

+ Added Bio Page FAQs widget

+ Added Expirations as a feature

+ Added Expiration by clicks with the ability to define an expired link

+ Added A/B Testing and rotator

+ Added Ability to remove branding as a feature

+ Added Bulk assign pixels

+ Added Ability to define custom color codes for QR codes

+ Added Ability to filter and search QR codes

+ Improved Bio Pages UI & UX

+ Improved Bio Pages core

+ Improved Geo-targeting for states

+ Improved Cron Jobs

+ Improved Core framework

+ Improved Various UI

+ Improved Vendors (updated)

+ Fixed An issue where files types were not synced correctly when using CDN

+ Fixed An issue verification files were not shown when using CDN

+ Fixed Various minor issues

Version 6.8 (17/12/2022)

+ Added New Teams System

+ Added All Libraries Locally

+ Added All Fonts Locally

+ Added Mass Import as a Feature

+ Added Default OG Image

+ Improved Slack Integration

+ Improved Cookie Consent

+ Improved Bookmarklet

+ Improved Text/HTML editors

+ Improved Various UI Elements

+ Fixed Various Minor Issues

Version 6.7 (26/10/2022)

+ Added Dedicated Multilingual Help Center

+ Added QR Code Advanced Styling: You can now customize QR codes with new matrix, eye & eye frame styles and assign different colors to each part

+ Added QR Code Transparency: You can now generate transparent QR codes.

+ Added QR Code Logo Size & Error Correction: You can now define a logo size for the QR.

+ Added Vouchers

+ Added Native Object Storage/CDN Support

+ Added Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha

+ Added Event Type QR: You can now generate event QR codes.

+ Added Zip code, Cellphone & Fax to vCard in QR & Bio

+ Improved Slack Integration: Upgraded to Slack API & added more interactivity. You can now request help on how to use the integration directly from Slack and you can request last 5 clicks for a short link again directly from slack.

+ Improved Dark Mode

+ Improved Various UI & UX

+ Improved Core Framework

+ Improved Various logics & code (Optimization)

+ Fixed Various minor issues

Version 6.6 (20/09/2022)

+ Added TikTok Pixel

+ Added OpenSea NFT Bio Page Widget

+ Added Twitter Bio Page Widget

+ Added Facebook Bio Page Widget

+ Added Instagram Bio Page Widget

+ Added Soundcloud Bio Page Widget

+ Added Tagline Bio Page Widget

+ Added Meta Image for Bio Pages

+ Added New Bio Page Themes

+ Added Bio Page Native Share icon

+ Added Bio Page Sensitive Content Warning

+ Added Bio Page Cookie Popup

+ Improved Bio Page UI

+ Improved Dark Mode

+ Improved RTL

+ Improved Various UI Elements

+ Fixed Bio Pages Background Bug

+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

Version 6.5 (06/08/2022)

+ Added Language Targeting

+ Added Added Campaign API

+ Added Added Channel API

+ Added Order Confirmation Page

+ Added Meta Image Support for Links API

+ Added Link Search Filters

+ Added Animation to Bio Pages Links

+ Improved Bio Pages

+ Improved Improved API System

+ Improved Improved Core System

+ Improved Improved Admin Link Management System

+ Improved Various UI Elements

+ Improved Security Checks

+ Improved Plugin System

+ Fixed Bio Pages Theme Issue

+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

Version 6.4.3 (20/06/2022)

+Virus Total Issue

Version 6.4.2 (31/05/2022)

+ Added Disable/Enable Bio Pages as Admin

+ Fixed An error when visiting a short url as admin

+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

Version 6.4.1 - (26/05/2022)

+ Added Stats Links to Bio Links Widget

+ Added Margins to QR code

+ Added Manage channels under Edit

+ Added Option to remove Bio/QRs from channels

+ Improved Channels

+ Fixed An issue maps

+ Fixed An issue with monthly subscription when cancelled

+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

Version 6.4 - (13/05/2022)

+ Added Channels

+ Added Bio Page / QR Duplication

+ Added Meta Data

+ Added New Domain Email

+ Added Better Filters

+ Added Domains for QR

+ Improved Various UI Elements

+ Updated Vendors

+ Fixed Maps where Israel was not shown correctly

+ Fixed An issue with Campaigns

+ Fixed Various Bio UI elements

+ Fixed An issue with QR codes when large logos are uploaded

+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

Version 6.3.3 - (21/04/2022)

+ Added Statistics Reset

+ Fixed An issue Multilingual Pages

+ Fixed An issue with QR Codes

+ Fixed Date in Email Templates

+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

Version 6.3.2 (13/04/2022)

+ Added Font Selector

+ Added FontAwesome Icon Selector

+ Added Notification Bell Read Status

+ Improved Stripe API

+ Improved Shortcuts Page

+ Fixed QR File Type & Static vCard

+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

Version 6.3.1 (09/04/2022)

+ Added Integrations Icons to Homepage

+ Fixed bugs

Version 6.3 (08/04/2022)

+ Added Contact Form Widget

+ Added Newsletter Form Widget

+ Added Product Widget

+ Added HTML Widget

+ Added vCard Widget

+ Added Static vCard

+ Added File Upload

+ Added WordPress Plugin Generator

+ Added IOS Shortcuts Integration

+ Added DeepL Integration

+ Added Admin Panel Language File

+ Added API Language File

+ Improved Various Widgets

+ Improved Various Integrations

+ Improved Plugin Directory

+ Improved API Platform

+ Improved Various Elements

+ Fixed Various Bugs

Version 6.2.1 (28/01/2022)

+ Added Optimization Tools

+ Added Trial End Reminder Cron

+ Added Tax in Invoices

+ Improved Links API

+ Improved Bio Pages Links

+ Fixed An issue with Bookmarklet when Require Registration is On

+ Fixed An issue with IPv6

+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

Version 6.2 (17/01/2022)      

+ Added Advanced Tax Rates 

+ Added Advanced Bio Widgets

+ Added Advanced Bio Settings

+ Added Coupon CTA

+ Added Trackable Crypto QR

+ Added Trackable SMS QR

+ Added Trackable vCard QR

+ Improved Browser and Platform Detection

+ Improved Various Improvements

+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

+ Added Minor Features

Version 6.1.9 (27/12/2021)

+ Improved Various Logics

+ Improved Various UI and Dark Mode

+ Fixed An issue with SMS QR and WiFi

+ Fixed An issue with Emails

+ Improved Various things

+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.8 (17/10/2021)

+ Added More API Endpoints

+ Added More Pixels

+ Improved Landing Page

+ Fixed An issue with Teams

+ Fixed An issue with Campaigns

+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.7 (10/12/2021)

+ Fixed An issue with Teams

+ Fixed An issue with Link Shortening

Version 6.1.6 (09/12/2021)

+ Added Bio Pages 

+ Added QR Codes 

+ Added More Social Links 

+ Added Reset Link Stats User

+ Added More Stats in Statistics 

+ Improved Home Page Redirect

+ Improved Campaigns

+ Improved Teams

+ Improved Various UI Elements

+ Improved Various Logics

+ Fixed An issue with Teams

+ Fixed An issue with Social Login

+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.5 (01/12/2021)

+ Improved UI

+ Improved Various Logics

+ Fixed An issue with Link/Create API

+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.4 (26/11/2021)

+ Improved Bio Pages

+ Fixed Social login issue when the username is empty

+ Fixed Shortening when upload a custom meta image

+ Fixed Various small bugs

Version 6.1.3 (25/11/2021)

+ Added Default bio page

+ Added Old bio page importer

+ Added Pinterest Pixel

+ Added Campaign List

+ Improved UI in various pages

+ Improved Various logics

+ Fixed Various bugs

Version 6.1.2 (21/11/2021)

+ Fixed An issue with plans

+ Fixed An issue where bio pages regenerating links

+ Fixed An issue with edit links

+ Fixed Virus total issue

+ Fixed Teams issue

+ Fixed Various bugs

Version 6.1.1 (17/11/2021)

+ Fixed Various Issues

Version 6.1 (12/11/2021)

+ Fixed Various Issues

Version 6.0 (28/10/2021)

+ Added  New Framework

+ Added  QR Generator

+ Added  Multiple Profiles

+ Added  New UI