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Want to improve your online marketing?

OpenMyLink has many tools you can use to help. Our tools are easy to use and actually work. We offer a variety of digital marketing tools. Check out our website to use our tools.


URL shortening is used to create shorter aliases for long URLs or Bio Links. We call these shortened aliases “short links.” Users are redirected to the original URL when they hit these short links.

Short links save a lot of space when displayed, printed, messaged, or tweeted. Additionally, users are less likely to mistype shorter URLs.

profile pages. short url generator. qr code generator.

Online Bio Page Maker

Beautiful Profile Generator

Generate beautiful profiles for social media platforms by adding links to important sites and share a single link. Customize the profile by choosing the appearance and enabling custom lists.

QR code generator online

Advanced QR Codes

Create beautiful trackable QR codes and share them anywhere. Customize the design, set beautiful colors or gradients and add your logo. Download them as PNG, SVG or PDF. Analyze scans so you will know where exactly it has been scanned from.

URL Shortening Service

Link Customization

Customize each short link to better target and understand your audience with our powerful customization tools.


You will be able to use many integrations along with OpenMyLink.

Bio pages, QR codes, url shortener, smart links to monitor clicks and marketing campaigns, geo targeting, device targeting, domains, CTA overlays, Rotator, API.

Generate Short URL from Long URL

Full features list

OpenMyLink is packed with the most awesome features than you can ask for.

Hundreds of premium features are built-in with your marketing needs in mind like a branded link shortener.

Redirections offers 5 types of the redirection that you can use: Direct Redirection, Frame Redirection, Splash Redirection, Custom Splash Redirection and Overlay Redirection.

Campaigns & Link Rotator

The campaign feature allows you to regroup some links and will generate you a special link where you will be able to send that to people.


You can add from over 15 providers: Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and many more.

Team Feature

The team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a team. This is perfect for collaboration!

Multiple Domains

You can use multiple domains:, and our brand name OpenMy.Link You may choose or set a domain name by default.

Tracking offers two methods of tracking: System and Google Analytics. When choosing the system method, will track users on its own and log data in the database.

Easy Online URL Shortener Service

Geo targeting, Device Targeting and Language targeting System

Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location based on both the country and the state or their device.

If you have different pages for different countries it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same URL.

If you have different pages for different devices it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same short URL.

Language targeting will redirect users based on their browser language.

Parameter Builder: You can add custom parameters to a link using a variable and a value.

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Splash redirection

The splash page is an intermediate page very useful to give the user a preview of the page they are about to be redirected. It serves as a measure of protection and gives the user some time to react and decide whether they want to continue or not.

Custom splash screens

The custom splash redirect is a premium feature that allows customers to create their own promotional page and associate it to a short link. A user going through the custom splash page will see a promotional page briefly before being redirected.

Overlay redirection

The overlay feature is a cool feature that allows you to use dynamic lead widgets. It uses the same principal as the frame method but without the top bar. Instead it injects some cool widgets like a popup message, contact form and a poll.

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Channels are great for organizing your links, qr codes and bio pages. You can quickly access them when needed directly from the sidebar when you star the channel.

SMS short links via Twilio

OpenMyLink now allows users to send SMS directly and automatically shorten any links within the SMS.

Setup is very easy. All you need is a Twilio account and grab your Account SID and Auth Token under Account > API & Tokens


  • Connects with Twilio and retrieves all phone numbers
  • Ability to send to multiple phone numbers at once
  • Shortens all links automatically with the message
  • Tracks SMS status
  • Ability to add, import via CSV or manage Contacts

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Slack, WordPress & Zapier Integrations (Even Pabbly)

Setup Slack and allow your users to shorten links directly from Slack using custom commands! Your users can setup Zapier and the script will notify Zapier when a new link has been shortened or when someone clicks a link!

OpenMyLink also includes a wordpress plugin for you or your customers so they can easily use the platform to shorten links.


You can add from over 15 providers including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and many more.









Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

Facebook Pixel



Are you a developer?

We provide extensive documentation on how to use OpenMyLink's API system for your apps. API is built on the RESTful architecture and it allows you to easily interact with your website using the following endpoints:

  • Account
  • Branded Domains
  • Custom Splash
  • CTA Overlays
  • Links
  • Pixels
  • QR Codes

You can find all the developer documentation at

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OpenMyLink's features list