Comparison between OpenMyLink versus

Introduction and BL.INK are two of the most well-known URL shorteners available. Both of them provide a range of URL shortening services, thou does not offer services such as QR code generation and bio pages profiles that does. They also provide users with a variety of features for customizing their links, including analytics and tracking. In this comparison, we will look at both services in terms of their functionality, speed, ease of use, security, and pricing.


Both and BL.INK offer a wide range of features for URL shortening. allows users to create custom URLs with custom keywords, while BL.INK allows users to create branded links with custom domain names. Both services also allow users to track and analyze their links, with offering more in-depth analytics than BL.INK. Additionally, also offers a range of additional features, such as link expiration and password protection.


When it comes to speed, is the clear winner. It is able to shorten URLs faster than BL.INK, and its server response times are much faster. Additionally, also offers a range of features to make link sharing faster, such as bulk link creation and automatic link sharing.

Ease of Use

Both and BL.INK are relatively easy to use. features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create, manage, and share links. BL.INK also features a simple user interface, but it lacks some of the more advanced features offered by, such as bulk link creation and automatic link sharing.


When it comes to security, is the clear winner. It offers a range of security measures, such as HTTPS encryption, link expiration, and password protection. BL.INK also offers HTTPS encryption, but its other security measures are limited.

Pricing offers a free plan, as well as paid plans that range from $7.99 to $45.99 per month. The paid plans offer more features and functionality, and the higher-tier plans offer additional features such as custom branding and analytics. BL.INK does not offer a free plan, premium plans that start at $48 per month. OpenMyLink’s premium plans offer more features, such as the ability to track clicks and generate QR codes, bio pages builder, as well as additional analytics capabilities.

Conclusion and BL.INK are both well-known URL shorteners that provide users with a range of features for customizing their links. is the faster of the two services, and it also offers more features for security and analytics than BL.INK. Additionally, is also more affordable than BL.INK. For these reasons, is the better choice for most users.