How-to guide: The dashboard

The dashboard is a simple yet powerful interface that gives you access to all your plan’s features.

Dashboard overview

How-to guide: The dashboard 3
  1. User settings: from this menu you can access or create your public profile.
  2. Features menu: you can access all your plan’s active features from this menu. Explore them all.
  3. Statistics panel: you can see in real-time how your links are doing. Clicked, opened, visited, from where, etc.
  4. Shortening panel: this is where you can easily shorten all your links. You can even choose from up to 9 different domains:,,,,,,, and
  5. Activity: Checkout the latest clicked links and their geolocation, operating system, browser, type and language.
  6. Recent links: your most recent shorted links are shown here so you can make any necessary adjustments.